Cinderella the professional eyelash extension suppliers,customized service provider for lash supplies.

We offer unmatched natural false lash extension products, easy fanning lash, strip lashes, flat lashes, and individual lashes - or any type of lashes as you call them. Just know that you will not find bigger or better forgeries anywhere. We're a pioneer in natural false eyelashes, and that means it is possible to be sure the next most important thing and the hottest fashion is constantly on our site before you see it everywhere else. As you surf our website, you will find countless amazing styles to pick from - from daily eyelashes to bold eyelashes for night wear. Looking for false eyelashes in certain scenarios? We can meet your requirements - we have plenty of eyelashes, perfect for valentine's day, spring, summer, Halloween, Christmas, etc.. In each season, on every occasion, on each occasion, we've got lashes.

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